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Cutter Setting and Information
for making DIY Rhinestone Templates


Cutter Settings will vary based on cutter used, blade used, offset, material being cut. Our Rhinestone Artwork will work for most cutters. TEST FILE DOWNLOAD CLICK HERE.

The following settings are what we found have worked for us.

CRICUT - the Cricut cutter is a hobby cutter and is not recommended for cutting rhinestone templates. However, it can be done. If you currently have a Cricut and MTC* (older versions of MTC with eps import) then you can use our files. However,you will need to convert them.  The Cricut cutter will cut the holes smaller than what you see in the file.  

*please note that MTC no longer provides support for the Cricut or software for the Cricut. 

How to convert our Rhinestone Artwork using MTC and the Cricut
1. Import the file into MTC as an eps - File>Import>EPS. select the EPS version of our files.
2. Break it apart - Edit>Shape Magic>Break
3. Select the dots to convert - left click and drag - you will see a box form, keep dragging until all areas you need to convert are selected
4. click on the RHINESTONE feature in MTC, in the box select "fill", and select stone size for conversion.

Conversion chart when using Cricut with MTC

ss10 select ss15 (3.6-3.7) in MTC
ss6 select ss11 in MTC

5. click "preview on mat", then click "accept".  

your file will have bigger holes which will work with ss10 / ss6 size rhinestones when cut on the Cricut. some holes may overlap slightly. But no worries, we have found that the cricut does NOT cut the hole true to size, it actually cuts it smaller so when it cuts you will have a stencil that will work. CUT

6. cut on Sticky Flock with a 60 degree blade, multicut=2 (peel off paperback from SF and stick it directly to the mat. when you peel it up all the little circles should still be on the mat - making weeding easy)

An excellent source for more information is the MTC forums.

KNK ZING - the Zing cutter is a great tabletop cutter for making rhinestone stencils and templates.  It has excellent force and is super fast.  The KNK Zing works with Make-the-Cut Software. If you would like more info on Zing costs we suggest the following websites - or We will list our settings here. However, your settings may be different. Our settings are mainly to give you a starting point. There is an excellent tutorial on the Zing (we followed this tutorial to get our settings). We are not going to reinvent the wheel and make a new tutorial.  KNK ZING TUTORIAL click here

If you are debating which cutter to buy you can check out Zing info at the MTC forums, and purchase Zing from various sources. Locally, we suggest contacting (St. Charles, Illinois). They offer excellent support on the Zing. 

Chicago Rhinestone Settings using MTC and KNK Zing
Sticky Flock
Force: 80
Speed: 10/10
Offset: .45
# passes: 2

Sticky Flock
Force: 104
Speed: 10/10
Offset: .75
# passes: 1

There are also many YouTube Videos regarding the above information. I do suggest the KNK Zing Tutorial FIRST if you have that cutter.

GCC 24LX - import the eps file and cut. Our files should work great! We have tested our files on the GCC 24 LX cutter with success.


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